Holiday Event Flyer!


We we look forward to seeing you on December 6! Join us for Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe, Corner Bakery, Frost Gelato, Resounding Harmony singing, holiday celebrations, and much more!

Also, if you enjoy our events, please consider a donation to support the trail. We like offering free events and need your support to continue to do so!


Our annual Holiday Lights on the Trail event is on Sunday, December 6 at 6 pm. We will feature food from Ruthie’s Rolling Food Truck, Corner Bakery, and Frost Gelato, as well as Santa Claus, menorah lighting for Hanukkah, the Dallas Fire Department, and much more!

Our board meeting dates for 2016 are as follows:

January 26

March 29

May 24

July 26

September 27

November 15 (Annual Meeting)

It’s My Park Day!

Today is Park Day!

The festivities begin at 11 am with volunteer activities. We need folks to help with trail landscaping, wildflower seed spreading, and kiosk building. Lunch from Hamburger Man with desserts from Corner Bakery will be served at noon. After lunch is the Canine Costume Contest (with prizes from Hollywood Feed) and group exercise classes from Cross Fit Odyssey. We will also have face painting for kids after lunch.

EARS dog rescue will also be on site for a meet & greet mobile event.

See you later today and remember Daylight Savings Time!


Park Day on Sunday!

We’re looking forward to the rescheduled Park Day on Sunday, November 1 from 11-230. Below is the updated schedule of events and activities for the day:

11-12: Volunteer activities, including wildflower seed spreading, trail landscaping, and kiosk building.  Most volunteers are needed for landscaping and seed spreading. If you are handy/have carpentry skills, we also need just a couple more volunteers to help Councilman Kleinman with the kiosk building.

12-1: Lunch served by Hamburger Man, as well as desserts from Corner Bakery. Corner Bakery is supplying coffee and lemonade as well. And free coupons for Frost Gelato to the first 100 participants.

12-2: Family fun run and exercise classes presented by Cross Fit Odyssey.

1-2: Canine Costume Contest with prizes for the winners from Hollywood Feed. Hollywood Feed has goodie bags for the attendees as well.

1:30-2:30: Face painting for the kids.

All event: EARS Dog Rescue (www.earstexas.org) will be on site for a meet & greet mobile with adoptable dogs.

We look forward to a great time on Sunday. The weather forecast is perfect – sunny with a high of 75.


New Board Officers

At our annual meeting last week, we elected new board officers. Come meet our board members at Park Day on the Sunday, November 1!

President – Jeff Kitner

Vice-President, Events – Lisa Umholtz

Vice-President, Landscaping – Cary Fitzgerald

Secretary – Sharon Neal

Treasurer – Miriam Kitner

Our other board members:

Larry Jones, Immediate Past President

Arden Fitzgerald

Andrew Verity

John Reed

Dorothy Buechel

Mark Kreditor

Dean Fogel, Ex Officio

Due to the inclement weather, our Park Day event scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed. The new date is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 from 11 am until 2:30 pm. The tentative event schedule is as follows:

All event: EARS Dog Rescue will be on site for a mobile meet and greet. Free goodies from Hollywood Feed and Frost Gelato.

11-12: Volunteer activities, including wildflower seed spreading, trail landscaping, and kiosk building with CM Kleinman.

12-2: Fun Run and group exercise classes sponsored by Cross Fit Odyssey.

12-1: Lunch served by Hamburger Man and desserts from Corner Bakery.

1-2: Canine Halloween Costume Contest

1:30-2:30: Face painting for kids

We are also hoping to reschedule our Cross Fit activities and will keep everyone updated. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for immediate updates on the schedule!



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