Scavenger Hunt

Sound Locator

As you traverse the Northaven Trail, listen out for these sounds. As you find them, put an “X” in the box for that item.

Can you hear all 16?

Scavenger Hunt

Object Finder

As you explore the Northaven Trail, look for each of these items. As you find them, put an “X” in the box next to the image.

Can you find all 28?

Scavenger Hunt

Drawing Kit

During your next adventure on the Northaven Trail, draw each of these items in the space provided.

Can you draw all 12?

Scavenger Hunt

Color Hunter

On your next trip on the Northaven Trail, look for items that represents each color. Draw each item you find in the boxes.

Can you fill in all 8?

Feel free to email us a copy of your completed scavenger hunt to post on our website: