Thank you, Virginia Cook!

The City of Dallas recently honored Virginia Cook, CEO of Virginia Cook, Realtors, during the February 20 City Council meeting for her support of the city’s park and trails system (The Northaven Trail recently received a significant donation from Virginia Cook). “Private -Public partnerships such as the Virginia Cook-Northaven Trail partnership allow the City to leverage resources and provide better facilities and services to our residents,” said Lee Kleinman, Park and Recreation Board Member, Council District 11. “Virginia's contribution to the Friends of Northaven Trail is just another demonstration of her dedication to improving the quality of life for Dallas residents.” “Virginia understands that great neighborhoods thrive because people associate with each other in smaller groups.  Trails and parks build community pride, desirable neighborhoods and support property values,” said Mr. Kleinman.

“We love everything the respite offers Dallas,” said Ms. Cook, noting that leaders dating back to President John F. Kennedy have recognized the catalyst a hike and bike trail system plays in creating a healthier, safer and more connected community.

“This will be a place neighbors meet and get acquainted. Pet lovers will stop for a drink for the dog, bikers can air up their tires, and walkers can simply take a break and enjoy the views.” Ms. Cook’s contribution to the Northaven Trail continues a 14-year history of support to the communities the North Texas firm serves. She is currently president of the Dallas Woman’s Forum, which owns the historic Alexander Mansion at 4607 Ross.

You can read more about it here.

City Hall recently honored Virginia Cook for supporting the City's trail system (Northaven Trail in particular).