Spring 2013 Update

With the blooming of the wildflowers and increase in neighbors out on the trail, Spring must be here!  It's been a few months since we've provided a list of what we've been up to, so read on for several trail updates and trail happenings.

Friends of Northaven Trail Receive Trail Advocacy Award from American Trails

On April 16, at the 21st National Trails Awards Program presented by American Trails, the Friends of Northaven Trail received the Trail Advocacy Award for Texas.  Thanks American Trails for recognizing our efforts as well as the collective efforts of the Trail's planners, la terra design and the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department!

The Trail Advocacy award is given to an individual/group that has demonstrated successful efforts to influence public policy relating to trail planning, trail protection, trail development, or maintenance.

Trail Improvements

Commemorative Paver Engravings

We recently completed another round of paver engravings at multiple locations along the trail.  Thanks to everyone who donated a commemorative paver. Community funding is critical to capital improvements and Trail maintenance.  The Commemorative Paver program thus far has raised $38,200.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, there are still paver spots available and donations are eligible for tax deductions under IRS Guidelines.   Visit the donation page on the website –www.northaventrail.org/donate - or email us to purchase yours - info@northaventrail.org.

Freda Stern Parking Area

The respite and parking area at Freda Stern were recently completed.  Featuring a water fountain, water misters and seating, the parking area/respite should be a popular rest spot and amenity on the trail this summer.   Our appreciation goes to our supporters at the JCC for their contribution to the creation of this important Trail amenity.

Thanks to paver contributions and several potential donors, FoNHT Trail has tentative plans to plant 28 trees, native grasses and perennial plants in the Respite and median areas. This will be a great opportunity for us to plan a Landscape Planting so our Friends and supporters can work together in making a lasting contribution to the beauty of the Trail. We will keep you posted with an announcement in May.

New water fountain near Royalshire

Many of you have probably seen the new water fountain on the trail near Royalshire. Made possible by a generous donation from Mark and Carol Kreditor, the water fountain will definitely be an oasis this summer for walkers, joggers and bikers on the western end of the trail.  Many thanks to the Kreditors for their donation and for giving back to the community!

Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association Seating Area

Thanks to a generous donation from the HFNA, a new seating area between Hillcrest and St. Judes was recently installed with three Lueders Limestone seating benches. Thanks to Bruce Wilke, the HFNA Board, and everyone in HFNA for their support and adoption of the trail.

Upcoming Events and Projects

26th Annual JCC Bagle Run, Sunday, May 19th, 8:00 AM

Sponsored by our neighbors at the Aaron Family JCC, this year’s Bagel Run will feature a new course that utilizes sections of The Northaven Trail.  The race features a kids K, a 5K and a 10K.  For more information, please visit the JCC website for race information.  We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Dallas City Council Election

District 11 and 13 seats are up with the retirement of Linda Koop and Ann Margolin. These seats are important to the timing and funding of the Trail's westward expansion and the full development of the Dallas Bike Plan. Please take time to read each candidate's position on the development of Parks at each candidate's campaign website.  FoNHT want to express our gratitude to Council Members Koop and Margolin for their past and future support of the Northaven Trail.  It is not Friends of Northaven Trail's position to endorse candidates for the upcoming Dallas City Council election.  To help inform you as to each candidate's position on the development of the Trail, the Dallas Bike Plan and support of Parks in general, we recently provided the candidates with a survey.  Their responses are being collected and will be published shortly before election voting begins.

Landscape Plans

FoNHT is working with CCA Landscape Architects and its owner, Caye Cook, who developed a landscape plan for the Freda Stern Respite. FoNHT is also working with CCA on a landscape plan for the Virginia Cook St. Michaels Respite and the Royalshire Respite.  Future projects will be planned at each of these locations.



And last but definitely not least, many thanks to Ken Beem, District Park Maintenance Supervisor, and his team for carefully avoiding the wildflowers as they mowed the Trail last week, as well as for their constant support to maintain the City's trail system.

Thank you for your continued support of the Northaven Trail.  We look forward to seeing you out on the trail or around the neighborhood!