Phase 2 Construction Status

Construction of Phase 2 of the trail has started! The construction is divided into two parts: Phase 2A (Preston Road to Cinderella Drive; near Midway) and Phases 2B-C (Cinderella Drive to Denton Drive). 

Phases 2B and C are Dallas County led and are currently under construction.  Dallas County estimates completion by late 2018 or early 2019. You may have seen some of the construction underway, or pavement where the trail is located. The trail is not being built in linear fashion and instead the contractor is moving up and down the easement in order to complete the project as efficiently as possible while at the same time being sensitive to Oncor requirements and related City of Dallas repairs. If the construction appears to have stopped anywhere in this phase please be assured that it has not been abandoned. 

Phase 2A is City of Dallas led and construction of this phase has not started. The project bid is in the process of being finalized and the City anticipates construction will begin late summer/early fall, and should be compete by late summer/early fall 2019.

Additionally, please be aware that, even though the pavement is complete in some places, the trail is not yet open west of Preston.