Decorative/Commemorative Pavers - Now Available!

The decorative pavers are now available for purchase!  Purchasing a paver is great way to show your support for the trail and to help supplement available funding from the City of Dallas and Dallas County to expand the Trail from Preston Road to Midway Road, which is tentatively planned in the next two years.

If you haven't seen them yet, along the trail there are several sections reserved for stone paver blocks that can be engraved for donor recognition. Basic images may be engraved on these pavers including logos (see example at right).  These blocks will have three sizes and we offer individual lines of text on a paver:

24"x24" paver - $2,500

12"x24" paver - $1,000

12"x12" paver - $500

Line of Text on paver - $100 per line, up to six lines of text. Note: your name may be on a paver with other donors.