Northaven Trail Updates - Lavendale landscape plan, Freda Stern parking, signal light at Hillcrest

For those of you who were unable to attend the neighborhood meeting on Thursday, September 20, Kris Brown of la terra studio and Rich Govlik of Pegasus / URS (Dallas Bond Program Managers) presented a landscaping plan (download Lavendale Landscape Plan) to 20 or-so neighbors who live adjacent to The Northaven Trail along Lavendale Avenue and Azalea Lane.  Also attending was Linda Koop, District 11 Dallas City Council member, who is a strong advocate for the continued expansion of the Northaven Trai and Lee Kleinman, District 11 Park Board Member.  The meeting was called to present Phase 1 landscape improvements which began with the removal of a number of aging trees, some dead, and some in decline, along Lavendale Avenue between St. Michaels and Pebbledown on the north side of the Trail. The plan presented incorporates the use of raised berms, natural limestone quarry blocks, drip irrigation, and new tree groupings planted along this stretch of the trail. Among the tree species to be planted are Natchez Crape Myrtle, Chitalpa, Nellie R. Stevens holly, Little Gem Magnolia & Eve’s Necklace.  The newly planted trees will surpass (in caliper inches) the quantity of the removed trees.

Other current trail happenings include work at Freda Stern Drive to install an official Trailhead. The City is creating a trailhead that will allow for approximately 17 parking spaces and other amenities that include: a drinking fountain, trash receptacle, pet waste station, drip irrigation, and donor recognition space.  In addition, the Freda Stern Trailhead will serve as the regions FIRST installation of bike friendly reverse angle echelon parking.  This type of parking is designed such that vehicles are required to back into the spaces upon approach.  In addition to increased driver line-of-site (of cyclists), this type of parking facilitates loading / unloading from the rear of the vehicle.

The City of Dallas Street Services Department has informed us that the signal light at the Hillcrest crossing will be turned on by October 5th.  This is no doubt welcome news to many!